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Late 2017: I have been very remiss in not featuring Tilly, Elmer's girlfriend, here. She is a huge part of his life. He adores her, and vice versa. Although she likes to totally dominate him. He submits like the total milquetoast he is. He is now 9 and she is 5. When she was a tiny puppy, Elmer terrorized her, so she has dedicated herself to a lifetime of payback. She is movie-star beautiful, and when I'm walking them, people often ask what kind of dog she is, I reply, "Platinum Retriever." As the pictures below (all by Missy Stevens) attest, they like to hang out together, canoodle, and wrassle!

Late August 2015. Elmer is a month away from his 7th birthday. We just went to Providence to see his sire, Yeager, who is a giant version of him. What a magnificent dog! Elmer is truly a chip off the old block!

January 2011: Two feet of snow falls on top of December's one foot. Elmer loves it; Lucy, our step-dog, hates it!

December 2010: Elmer got a squeeky shoe toy for Christmas!

September 2010: This year had a bumper crop of apples. We have to constantly yell at them to STOP eating them. (Ruby gained at least 5 pounds.) With Gracie, their visiting cousin, I decided to try some self-control, followed by permission. They were all mistrustful of the go-ahead. Get the apple!

May 2010: I got a new camera and it takes better movies, particularly of black dogs playing.

December 2009: In a similar vein, what could be better than a gift-wrap tube?

June 2009: Elmer is pretty good at entertaining himself. Here, he works his stick!

02/03/09: Elmer is 19 weeks old, and keeps getting bigger, dammit! It's snowing hard and Elmer is bored, so he decides to gnaw on Ruby. In January I put up some bad videos on YouTube, which I took with my geezer camera.
Elmer & Ruby Play!
Elmer Pees & Pounces!
Elmer Gets the Chuck-It!
Below are some action stills from a recent rumble.

This is Elmer, Ruby's new sidekick. He's pretty new, as you can see, and Ruby is showing him the ropes:

Monkey in the Middle!

Chillin' in the Kitchen!

Do-si-do with the Chuck It!
Here's how Elmer got started: Mother, Soffie (a great-niece of Ada's), is the dear girl of the Gilmors, the famous glassblowers in Millerton, NY. Father, Yeager ("Yeags") lives in Providence, RI and is a hot shot champion on the hunter trials circuit. He's a Big Boi. Elmer's litter had 3 yellow brothers, a black brother and black sister. He was born on September 22, 2008 and we kidnapped him on November 20.
Like all puppies, he's good at sleeping anywhere, anytime. We have lots of dog beds, and the comfort of Rex's arms.

August 2015 we went to Providence, RI and met Elmer's Dad, Champion Lobuff Major Yeager. He's big! And Elmer looks just like him, but Yeags weighs about 100 lbs., and luckily for us, Elmer weighs about 70 lbs. They both have very fun, sunny dispositions!
Left, at attention, waiting for the toy to be thrown. Right, With his daughter Nell, waiting for a treat.

Left to right: Begging for a treat; asking me to throw the squeeky toy, and trying to decide whether to give it up. Elmer has this identical expression!

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